Patty & Steve Greene

Patty is known for her singing, sense of humor and love of dancers.  She calls for square dance clubs and private groups all over the country.  She has taught square dancing for clubs since she started calling 1996, and enjoys teaching new dancers and workshopping with seasoned ones.

Patty has called at the North Carolina Square Dance Convention, the New England Square and Round Dance Convention, at many National Square and Round Dance Conventions, at the Canadian National Square and Round Dance Convention, and has been on staff for several local square dance weekends.  In 2012 she was invited to travel to Tokyo to be on staff for the Chiyoda Square Dance Club’s 40th Anniversary Dance with Tony Oxendine and Jerry Story.  She currently is a staff caller on Chic Recordings, and has been a guest on Royal Records, Double M Records, Acme Recordings, Riverboat, and Mesa Apache Productions.

Patty has served in various leadership roles for local, regional, and national organizations since 1996. She is a member of the North Carolina Callers Association, program chair for the North Carolina Square Dance Convention, member of the Metrolina Caller and Cuers Association. She regularly attends CALLERLAB conventions, has served on many panels and participated in many special convention theme dances, and serves on the Board of Governors and Executive Committee for CALLERLAB.   She is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board for CALLERLAB.  She has been a panelist at the national convention and the CALLERLAB convention.