Marty & Suzanne Northrup

Marvin Northrup first started square dancing September 1975 in upstate New York, alongside
his parents. While only a boy Marv quickly became fluent in the workings of squares and
learned the basic techniques of calling.  In 1976 he attended Caller’s College at Madison
College in Harrisonburg, VA after which he chose to pursue calling part time.

As a teenager he started his own club in Arkville, NY in 1976. He was the club caller for multiple
groups in the scope of his New York career.  In 1999, Marvin and his family relocated to
Western North Carolina. It was here that he became known as Marty and has been calling for
clubs throughout North and South Carolina as well as Georgia ever since.  Marty has a goal to
call in all of the lower 48 states.

Marty was married to the daughter of his favorite dancers. Marty and Karen were happily
together for 28 years until 2011, when Karen lost a battle with cancer.  Marty has four children:
Megan, Ryan, Kevin, and Katelyn, and two grandchildren, Sarah and Ella. Since 2017 he has
been married to Suzanne and their home is in Charlotte where they are renovating a barn to
enable them to hold lessons and dances close to home.