COVID-19 Update

Greetings to our Pipestem square dance family!

With the current situation surrounding our new friend Corona, we’ve had lots of inquiries about what we are going to do with our Pipestem weekend.

Our staff has been in discussion over this trying to decide what would be the best all around decision. Some of the group would like to hold off on making the decision for another week or two, so as of now we are still planning on holding the weekend. We will make a final decision in the near future. We haven’t heard anything about the resort itself and if they are restricting things, so that will also play into our decision.

All that being said, I am interested in your responses. If you ARE planning on being there, could you let us know? And if you are leaning towards skipping this year, we’d love to know that too. This will help with our decision.┬áThe last thing we want to do is put our people at risk. You are our family, and as such we have an obligation to protect each and every one of us!

If we DO cancel, we will be back next year and will throw a welcome back to Pipestem party!!!!

Thanks for being patient with us!

Patty & Steve for your Pipestem Staff

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